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“Chun Yu Plastic Enterprise Co., Ltd.” was founded in 1996. Chun Yu is the leading manufacturer in Taiwan and Vietnam and specialized in producing various kinds of wrapping products, such as METALLIC PAPER, METALLIZED PAPER,HOLOGRAPHIC PAPER, RAINBOW PAPER, GIFT WRAPPING PAPER, BOPP, METALLIZED OPP, HOLOGRAPHIC OPP, PP FILM, PEARL PAPER, ORDINARY PAPER, NON-WOVEN and OTHER SPECIAL PRODUCTS for gift wrapping and boutique wrapping. Chun Yu is a well experienced manufacturer of flower wrapping products, like flower sleeve, bouquet sleeves, potted plants sleeves, OPP sleeves, CPP sleeves, HDPE sleeves and other special sleeves for floral wrapping. More

Wrapping Paper,Wrapping Paper Supply,Wrapping Paper Manufacturer
Gift Wrapping Paper,Gift Wrapping Paper Supply,Gift Wrapping Paper Manufacturer

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Gift Wrapping,Gift Wrapping Supply,Gift Wrapping Manufacturer

Gift Wrapping

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